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Climate change, pollution, deforestation and loss of biodiversity are only few of the threats facing our planet. One of the main driving forces of these global trends are the behaviours of businesses in our economic framework, and the contingent incentives that this framework provides. In the long run, we as investors can guide these incentives by carefully choosing which businesses we provide capital for. While individual decisions won't have a lot of influence, in the aggregate, businesses will align their behaviour with the expectations of their funders. At Adeliae, we try to reconcile return, risk and sustainability in prudently thought-through investment advice. Sustainable investments and high returns do not stand in contradiction to each other. Quite the contrary: several studies have shown that sustainable investing and superior investment returns are positively correlated. These findings show that with smart investments, each of us can achieve a positive impact for the future of this planet without having to worry about lesser capital gains. 

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